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Mental Health Residential and Transitional Programming

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About Us

The Gooden Center provides residential, outpatient, and transitional living treatment to individuals with psychiatric disorders. We find many of our clients have no place to step down to after a hospital stabilization, or have been misguided into a substance abuse “dual diagnosis” facility when they really need a mental health specific program. We are that program. The Gooden Center was awarded a license by the state of California to deliver mental health residential treatment and is accredited by CARF for mental health services. We have created a program which is safe, supportive, and enriching to our clients and their loved ones. Through intense clinical, holistic, and experiential therapies, The Gooden Center provides the tools needed to gradually re-enter society and have an independent, fulfilling, and productive future.

As a nonprofit, Gooden maintains a complete commitment to accessibility. Clinical excellence should not be reserved only for individuals with thousands of dollars to spend on treatment. As such, Gooden is in network and a preferred provider for most insurances, including: Anthem Blue Cross, Aetna, Cigna, UBH, Optum, Value Options, Blue Shield, Healthnet, and Magellan. Furthermore, our self pay rates average 65% less than for profit facilities. The care continues long after graduation, as the Gooden Center offers therapeutic aftercare, at no cost, forever, for the client and their family.

90 Day consecutive non repeated DBT program in conjunction with daily ACT and CBT groups
Twice a week (or more) one on one therapy sessions
Long term care including transitional living (supervised by staff), PHP and IOP programming
Holistic recovery including: gym, art, music, yoga, gardening, self care, meditation and community programming
Intimate, personal, and individualized treatment planning and group therapy (max 6 people in group)
Medication monitoring for all clients for duration of stay

Mental Health Illnesses Treated

Many of our clients present with feelings of paranoia, hallucinations, delusions, anxiety, fear, isolationist tendencies, suicidal thoughts, lack of self worth, lack of coping skills, lack of life skills, failure to launch, medication noncompliance.
*Note: we do not currently treat primary eating disorder.

  • Bipolar I and II
  • Schizophrenia
  • Schizo-affective
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Borderline Personality Disorder
  • Other Mood and Thought Disorders

Our Approach to Mental Health Treatment

We believe true mental health treatment should occur in a home environment. We have applied this approach to treatment successfully for 55 years. Our clinicians practice in the same house as our clients live. This promotes accessibility and ensures clinicians are available in times of need. The homelike setting also provides an arena to practice life skills needed for independent living. We recognize there is no cure for the most serious mental health disorders. Our focus is on teaching usable skills to cope with the stress of daily life. Through learning the tools needed to accept the world as it is, and an understanding why medications are important and may be necessary, we know that there is a way to overcome the challenges of living and find a way to flourish and thrive. With a holistic, DBT and life skill based treatment model, our clients learn to see life the same way. With treatment at Gooden, individuals are given the tools necessary to live a happy, independent, and productive life, free of fear and shame.

Why the Gooden Center?

For 55 years, the Gooden Center has provided treatment for individuals seeking recovery from debilitating behavioral health conditions. We understand the challenges of feeling different and not okay, uncomfortable or out of place in the world. Our treatment is personalized to meet the needs of the client and includes one on one therapy, group therapy, and many, many, holistic recovery activities. The structure and gradual re-emersion into independent life of our program makes the transition smooth and with a strong foundation for continued growth. We promote long term community integration, through our gradual step down in level of care including residential treatment, PHP, IOP, transitional living, job placement services, community resource services, and long term after care. There is no cure for the most serious mental health issues. However, with the proper care and skills, no individual can be without a productive, independent, robust life.

Professional Treatment Team

Our team is comprised of some of the most experienced and advanced addiction recovery professionals in the world.

Consulting Clinicians:

Dr. Fallynn Cox, Psy.D., Psychologist
Molly D’Huet, MFT, DBT Specialist
Paul Vroom, Communication Coach

Holistic Healing Team:

Ana Ledger, Art Therapist
Susan Hampton, Yoga Instructor
Anne Marie Beck, Career Counselor

Continuing Care

Overcoming serious mental issues is a process, and it takes time. Just like there are no two individuals that are identical, there is no set timeline for care. Our team works with each client and their loved ones to determine what is their right course. The Gooden Center does not rush the process. Our multiple levels of care enable us to meet the client where they are at and give the process the time it needs, while also exposing and gradually immersing the client into the community. We make sure that each client is in a place where a strong foundation has been built and they are prepared before moving on to independent living. Our care and their connection to the Gooden community does not stop there, we offer each client community involvement and aftercare support for life.