Coping with Anxiety on Vacation

Although most people think of a vacation as an escape from their problems, for people struggling with anxiety they may still be dealing with their symptoms even when they take a break. Anxiety can happen anywhere and at anytime for people with this illness and traveling can involve its own stresses that may trigger an attack. Even though anxiety may still be present, you can find ways to manage it and still enjoy your vacation.

There may always be certain situations that trigger the “fight or flight” response for people with anxiety. They could be worried about missing their flight, they might feel overwhelmed by a hectic travel schedule, or they might feel uncomfortable around family members and others they are traveling with. These kinds of issues can cause anxiety even if they are supposed to be relaxing on a beautiful beach.

When anxiety occurs on vacation you can try to manage it by organizing your schedule and keeping it to only a few activities a day. Trying to plan too much can make you stressed and overwhelmed. You can also take the time to carefully plan your trip so that you know what to expect and won’t have to deal with any confusion.

If you are traveling with a big group it is important to try to take some time for yourself if you are feeling anxious. You can take a walk alone or go on an outing with one person you feel really comfortable with if you are getting overwhelmed. Talking to someone you trust about what you are feeling can also help reduce feelings of anxiety.

For people with anxiety, they can never completely take a vacation from their problems but they can find helpful ways to cope with their anxious feelings and still have a good time when they travel.