Lady Gaga’s Teen Mental Health Program

Pop singer turned actress Lady Gaga recently announced plans to expand her teen mental health program known as teen Mental Health First Aid. She began this program through her own Born this Way foundation along with the National Council for Behavioral Health to help provide peer counseling services to schools throughout the U.S. The expansion of the program will include 20 new schools which will be a step toward the overall goal of providing mental health education in every school across America.

The concept behind teen Mental Health First Aid is making it okay for teens to talk about their problems and have someone help them listen and validate how they feel. Following the expansion of the program it will be available in a total of 28 schools although Gaga plans to continue expanding until she has reached the whole country. She wants to provide help for all teens who are struggling so they don’t have to go through mental health problems alone.

The program was created to educate high school students in grades 10 to 12 so that they have more understanding of different types of mental disorders. This education is designed to help them more easily identify their own struggles and potential illnesses they may be dealing with. They would also have a better idea of what options are available for treatment if they feel they might need help.

Gaga started the program in order to inspire young people and give them the tools they need to cope with their mental health. The program focuses on kindness, compassion and a deeper understanding of how mental health can affect their daily lives. The program aims to be inclusive and accepting of teens from all walks of life that need support for their well-being.