Self-Care and Wellness for Borderline Personality Disorder

Those who suffer from borderline personality disorder are dealing with a lot of painful and volatile emotions that they must cope with often on a daily basis. People with BPD experience more intense emotions for longer periods of time than the average person and if they haven’t developed coping strategies it can be very challenging for them to have healthy relationships. Self-care is an important aspect of managing symptoms of BPD so that they don’t interfere with their ability to trust and remain close with others.

People with BPD can end up in triggering situations that can cause them to react in extremely emotional ways. They may feel abandoned by others and become angry and lash out or experience suicidal thoughts. As a form of self-care, people with BPD need to find ways to process their emotions and release them so that they don’t build up and lead to problems.

Certain tools or strategies can be useful for certain emotions that someone with BPD may experience. If they feel angry or frustrated they may find certain things that work for them to ease their feelings such as listening to loud music, exercising or even hitting a pillow. If they feel sad they can write in their journal, watch their favorite show or go for a walk.

Over time, the more a person works on self-care the more in tune they will become with what strategies work best for dealing with their feelings. Emotional wellness is crucial for people with BPD and learning what to do when feelings become out of control can help prevent destructive behavior. Talking to a therapist can help you come up with ideas for self-care strategies that may be effective at helping you feel calm and relaxed before emotions start to escalate.